Western Demons

Western Demons – Written by Mark Bousquet – All Gunfighter Gothic characters and stories, copyright Mark Bousquet

WESTERN DEMONS / Available on Kindle (click here) and can be read for free with Kindle Unlimited

Jill Masters, a merchant’s daughter, and Hanna Pak, her ex-servant, have left Boston for the American West. They’re on the hunt for Dotson Winters, Jill’s former fiancé and a brilliant scientist, who’s faked his own kidnapping and set a dangerous series of monsters loose in Colorado.

The trail to Dotson runs through the Western machinations of President Ulysses Grant and his right hand paranormal man, Agent Plummer. What connection exists between the President and Dotson? And what role does the Gray, an army of Lost Cause Confederates, play in Dotson’s quest for money and power?

These questions plague Hanna and Jill as they confront waltzing zombies in a zeppelin high above the Plains, Christian vampires at the foot of the Rockies, and skeletal dinosaurs in the mountains.

WESTERN DEMONS is the second Gunfighter Gothic novel.

All characters and stories related to Gunfighter Gothic, copyright Mark Bousquet.