Haunt It or Flaunt It

HAUNT IT OR FLAUNT IT, the Second Spooky Lemon Novel, Now Available for the Kindle and in paperback.

After the events of the first Spooky Lemon novel, THE MASKS OF SATURDAY MORNING, Audrey Lemonovsky, former child actor, current paranormal investigator, is back with her second thrilling case! This time around, the mystery kicks into gear when a house-flipping reality show comes to town …

“Tonight, on Haunt It or Flaunt It, our scare-proof house flippers, Vijay and Frannie, find themselves in the hills of Western Massachusetts, the new owners of an abandoned farmhouse. Will the ills that plague this house continue to ‘Haunt It’? Or will Vijay and Frannie work their magic and be able to ‘Flaunt It’ for a tidy profit?”

Audrey “Spooky” Lemon is settling in to her new life in her former hometown of Glen Allen Falls, Massachusetts. The child actor turned paranormal investigator is starting over after her parents embezzled her money and left her with just three items: their old house, a treasure chest she can’t open, and a stack of bills. 

As she tries to make this new version of her life a success, Audrey’s past keeps trying to pull her back. Gayle Womack, a former producer of The Ghostly Gang — Audrey’s hit Saturday Morning Reality TV Show — has come to town with her new show, the haunted house-flipping program, Haunt It or Flaunt It, with an offer to buy her house and solve her financial problems. She even floats the possibility of getting Audrey back in the TV game. 

Audrey says she’s not interested, but soon, strange occurrences start happening at the abandoned farmhouse. A crew member goes missing, and Gayle hires Audrey to find him. Before she can, more crew members are attacked, and a threat from the town’s deep past comes back to haunt Glen Allen Falls anew!