Dillon: The Odd Jobs

I’m proud to share with you the press release for DILLION: THE ODD JOBS, a new anthology from Pro Se Press that contains my story, “Dillon and the Devil’s Mercy.”

Before we get to the press release, I want to publicly thank Derrick Ferguson for not only letting Russ Anderson, Erik Fromme, Joel Jenkins, and myself play in his sandbox, but for creating such a great character in Dillon and populating it with so many great characters and adventures.

You can purchase the Kindle version of THE ODD JOBS here.

You can purchase the paperback version of THE ODD JOBS here.

Now, onto the press release from Pro Se Press:



Considered a cornerstone of the modern New Pulp Movement, author Derrick Ferguson’s Dillon returns in a brand new anthology of stories by a variety of authors. DILLON: THE ODD JOBS is also the first release in Ferguson’s author imprint POWER PLAY through Pro Se Productions. This collection of four stories is available now in print and digital formats, only 99 cents for a limited time in digital.

A soldier of fortune gifted with an astonishing range of remarkable talents and skills that make him respected and feared in the secret world of mercenaries, spies, and adventurers. A world inhabited by amazing men and women of fabulous abilities that most of us are unaware even exists. Fueled by a taste for excitement, driven by an overpowering desire to protect the innocent, to see that wrongs are righted and assisted by a worldwide network of extraordinary men and women, all experts in their fields. Dillon spans the globe in a never-ending quest for the wildest and most breathtaking adventures of all. Dillon’s adventures have taken him across the globe to face the improbable, the impossible and the incredible as a freelance troubleshooter and self professed ‘international instigator’.

Dillon has been fortunate to team up with talented individuals in many of these adventures who share the risk and use their unique skills in dangerous and unusual situations. The talented individuals that travel with Dillon in this volume are no less capable and will also have the unusual distinction of being in the driver’s seat with new adventures that are off the beaten track.Join Erik Fromme, Russ Anderson, Jr., Joel Jenkins, and Mark Bousquet as they, and Dillon, take on THE ODD JOBS.

Featuring a fantastic cover, print formatting and cover design by Sean Ali, DERRICK FERGUSON’S DILLON: THE ODD JOBS is available in print at for $9.99.

This thrilling New Pulp Anthology is also available as an eBook formatted by Atonino Lo Iacono and Marcia Marina for the Kindle at https://www.amazon.com/Derrick-Fergusons-Dill…/…/ref=sr_1_1… for only 99 Cents for two weeks, then $3.99 beginning on November 8, 2019. The book is also available to Kindle Unlimited members for free

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