The Bandolier

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“The Bandolier filled the deputy’s gut with buckshot, the sheriff’s heart with four .32 caliber rimfire bullets, and then locked himself inside a cell to wait for a higher power.”

It’s the fall of 1867 and Hanna Pak and Jill Masters are in Nevada, hunting dead men who won’t stay dead.

The women of Gunfighter Gothic ride up on an army fort full of sleeping soldiers, but before they can unravel what’s transpired, they get pulled into local politics. Crick, Nevada is a town that’s little more than a fly on the scorched backside that is the American West, yet full of secrets. Caught between the town’s main benefactor, preacher, accountant, doctor, and cleaning woman, Hanna and Jill find themselves amidst a group of people who aren’t what they claim, but don’t know what they really are.

At the center of this investigation is the mysterious Bandolier, a man exceptionally good at killing lawmen who have a nasty habit of coming back to life.

But is the Bandolier responsible for the undead … or just a pawn in the game of a much higher power?

THE BANDOLIER is the sixth Gunfighter Gothic novel.

All characters and stories related to Gunfighter Gothic, copyright Mark Bousquet