Old Man’s Treasure

OLD MAN’S TREASURE, the fifth Spooky Lemon Mystery, is now available in paperback and on the Kindle!

All secrets revealed as the Deer Head saga comes to a shocking conclusion!

Audrey Lemonovsky has been back in Glen Allen Falls, Massachusetts for one year. At every turn, men and women wearing rubber Dear Head masks have made her life miserable. They’ve attacked her, they’ve attacked her friends, and they’ve been stealing from both. And now, just when she needs him most, Old Man has gone missing.

What do the Deer Heads want? And how does Audrey’s missing treasure chest and Ida Spartan’s missing treasure map factor in a game that started a half-century before Audrey was even born?

Audrey, Ida, Callie Montclair, and Sam Gossamer are determined to find the map, the chest, and Old Man before time runs out. In an investigation that draws in nearly every major player in Audrey’s life, they unwind the various threads of the Deer Heads and the Hunters, searching old haunts and negotiating new threats.

It is time for answers. It is time for the sins of the past to come into the light, and for one last battle as the soul of Ida Spartan hangs in the balance!