Highway of the Saints

WITCHES OF THE WORMHOLE is the second book in the Harpsichord series that takes place in my shared universe, THE DEEP AND DIVIDED. It is now available in PAPERBACK and for the KINDLE.

Harpsichord knows she can’t go home.

Trapped in the Deep, unable to return to Earth, Harp participates in the Saints Rally, a cross-continent road race on an abandoned planet overrun with monstrous Creatures!

This will be the fifth time the Saints Rally has been run. No one has ever won. Few have ever survived.

Harp and her teammate Wrench join a motley crew of professional racers and thrillseekers, of humans and non-humans, of princesses, spies and vampires! Some entrants want to win for glory. Some for money. Some because they have nothing left to lose.

Can Harp and Wrench put their differences aside long enough to function as a team? And even if they can, will they be able to survive the dangers of the continent, capture the Brahmin Rose, and win the Saints Rally?

New Reader Friendly! HIGHWAY OF THE SAINTS is the second book in the Harpsichord series, but it is a stand-alone novel.