The Masks of Saturday Morning

THE MASKS OF SATURDAY MORNING / Available in Paperback (click here) and Kindle (click here), and can be read for free with Kindle Unlimited

Whatever Happened to Spooky Lemon? 

A decade ago, Audrey “Spooky” Lemon was a child actor on a wildly popular Saturday morning mystery show, The Ghostly Gang. Alongside Greg, Callie, Lenny, and Polly Wanna the Parrot, the Gang solved mysteries at allegedly haunted locations as the kids rose to enormous fame. 

And then Ghostly Gang was cancelled. The kids moved on, trying to make it in the entertainment industry, but the world that had celebrated them didn’t want to see them grow up. The Gang pulled apart. Greg left acting to become a successful businessman, Callie and Lenny continued to act in increasingly smaller roles, and Audrey soon found herself embroiled in a lawsuit against her parents, who had embezzled most of her career earnings. 

The trial is now over. Audrey’s parents are in jail, their debts have been settled, and she finds herself in possession of the family home that she had left nearly twenty years earlier. 

Audrey never wanted to return to Glen Allen Falls and never wanted to be remembered as Spooky Lemon, but as dual mysteries unfold around a disappearing woman and a stalker in a plastic deer mask, the confluence of those two events might be all that can save her and her new friends from the supernatural machinations of The Gratitude Man!

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