Absinthe & Steam

ABSINTHE & STEAM / Available on Kindle (click here) and can be read for free with Kindle Unlimited

The hunt for Dotson Winters reaches its epic conclusion inside the haunted walls of Kraken Moor! 

Hanna & Jill are invited to the estate’s grand re-opening, where Dotson reveals he has made a series of deals with the house’s demons that will cost the invited guests their sanity and perhaps their souls. But while Hanna fights a giant, demonic snakes and spiders, Jill faces the far greater horror when her father’s deepest, darkest secret is revealed to her. What has Branford Masters done that threatens not only the fabric of the Masters’ family, but of the entire United States?

ABSINTHE & STEAM is the third Gunfighter Gothic novel.

All characters and stories and content related to Gunfighter Gothic , copyright Mark Bousquet.