Chimera of the Flesher

CHIMERA OF THE FLESHER is the third book in the Harpsichord series that takes place in my shared universe, THE DEEP AND DIVIDED. It is now available in PAPERBACK and for the KINDLE. Thank you for all your continued support!

A Novel of the Deep and Divided

Harpsichord is determined to make a home in the Deep.

Investigating the contents of the video tape given to Svetlana Lollypop before the Saints Rally, Harp discovers information that could rock humanity’s position in the Deep to its core!

Evidence points to three human corporations — Domestic Swill Beer, Lollypop Candy, and Aristocrat Holdings — having smuggled and exploited children and refugees in the rise of their financial empires. The deeper Harp digs, however, the more mysteries come to light, putting into question exactly what was being smuggled and for whose benefit?

Lurking in the background, she discovers the Flesher, a mad scientist who specializes in experimenting on Creatures and turning these wild beasts into weapons of human destruction. What role does she play in the fortunes of these companies? Why has she now set her sights on Harp?

And at the bottom of the Flesher’s lab, what evil lurks behind the door marked CHIMERA? Can Harp stop the Flesher before these monsters are let out? And worse, can she trust her allies to do the right thing if it means pulling their family empires to the ground?

New Reader Friendly! CHIMERA OF THE FLESHER is the third book in the Harpsichord series, but all novels in the series are designed to work as stand-alone books.