Parachutes & Ladders

PARACHUTES & LADDERS, the fourth Spooky Lemon Mystery, is now available in paperback and for the Kindle!

Delve into the history of the Ghostly Gang in the latest Spooky Lemon mystery!

Audrey Lemonovsky has long resisted the idea of a Ghostly Gang reunion, but former cast mate Greg Goran has finally found something Audrey wants badly enough to bring her on board: a copy of Ida Spartan’s destroyed treasure map.

Since the events of the “Hootdunnit?” case, Audrey’s assistant has been in a funk. Ida’s former best friend was revealed to be a fraud, and her treasure map, the last connection she had to her parents, was destroyed as a result. So when Greg reveals he has a copy of the map, and that he’d be willing to exchange it in return for Audrey filming a reunion special, the supernatural investigator has no choice but to accept.

As soon as she boards her cross-country flight to Los Angeles, however, Audrey realizes Greg is playing a much more dangerous game. Joined by Greg, Callie, and Lenny, their flight takes a detour into the past to bring them face-to-face with Audrey’s grandmother and the mysterious Deer Queen!

Can the Ghostly Gang solve one last case together? And if they can’t, will Audrey lose her friends forever?