Witches of the Wormhole

WITCHES OF THE WORMHOLE is the first book in the Harpsichord series that takes place in my shared universe, THE DEEP AND DIVIDED. It is now available in PAPERBACK and for the KINDLE.

The first novel of an epic new space opera! Welcome to the Deep and Divided!

Harpsichord just wants to go home.

All that stands in her way are three cosmic witches, two scheming villains, and one impending intergalactic war!

Until yesterday, Harp had been getting ready to graduate from the Mars Military Academy, but today she’s on a prison ship to the Deep, a galaxy where humans are allowed to enter but forbidden to leave!

Once through the Wormhole, Harp falls in with a band of escaped convicts as she tries to navigate a new world full of strange aliens and familiar conflicts. When a mysterious figure from her past offers her a chance to return home, will Harp swallow her pride and pay the necessary cost? Can she navigate the cold truth of the Deep with a hot desire to find the person responsible for her exile?
And if she can’t, is Harp strong enough to survive ground zero of a cosmic war?