The Train Where Jill Dies

The Train Where Jill Dies – The First Gunfighter Gothic Novel – All Characters and Stories of the Gunfighter Gothic Universe, copyright Mark Bousquet

THE TRAIN WHERE JILL DIES / Available on Kindle (click here) and can be read for free with Kindle Unlimited

It’s 1866. Jill Masters, a merchant’s daughter, and Hanna Pak, her servant, have left Boston for the American West. They’re on the trail of Dotson Winters, Jill’s kidnapped fiancé, a man she doesn’t love but has agreed to marry to save her father’s business.

Their hunt leads them to a train bound for Denver … a train one of them won’t leave alive. A mysterious caboose holds the key to a complex series of events involving Queen Victoria, werewolves, vampires, a Western baron with a face no one has seen, a mysterious British spy, and a weapon powerful enough to bring a dead woman from Boston back to life.

The greater challenge for Hanna and Jill is reconciling their new arrangement. Hanna wants to be treated as an equal, but Jill is not quite ready to let their old status go. Can the two women work together long enough to accomplish their goals? And what happens to them if they do? In finding themselves, will they lose each other?

THE TRAIN WHERE JILL DIES is the first Gunfighter Gothic novel.

All characters and stories related to Gunfighter Gothic, copyright Mark Bousquet.