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CNY Literary Festival Event Details

The Community Library will showcase the literary talents of Central New York authors at an afterhours reception.

The event is for all ages with authors of fiction, genre fiction, narrative nonfiction, local interest, and children’s books. Meet and greet, get books signed, and more.

Featured authors include: children’s author Bruce Coville, young adult author Tamora Pierce, mystery & romance author Christine Wenger, and novelist, essayist, and poet Arthur Flowers. Share a love of romance fiction with authors Patricia Antone, Regina Edwards Drumm, Nicki Greenwood, Erin Kelly, and M.J. Woods. Explore science fiction with authors Rick Allen and Nicholas Davis, and uncover mysteries with authors Brian Abbott and Carol Pouliot.

Discover local children’s authors and illustrators: Sandra Athans, Mark Bousquet, Lindsay DeRollo, Lauri Fortino, Kassandra Marie Kelsey, Cynthia Kieber-King, Alicia Klepeis, Mylisa Larsen, Phil McAndrew, Sue Rubin, Susan Scheuerman, Nancy Smith, and Kate Woodle.

And authors of local fiction and nonfiction: Ronald Bagliere, Jason Emerson, Jim Farfaglia, David Figura, Jeffrey Goldstein, Seamus Kirst, Linda Lowen, Peter McShane, David Grannis Moore, Sheila Myers, W. K. Pomeroy, and Cheryl Pula.

The public is encouraged to register for this event. Authors interested in participating should contact Brian Abbott at
Event Type(s): Local InterestAge Group(s): All Ages