Here, you will find links to all of my available novels and short story collections. Click here for my Amazon author page.


Gunfighter Gothic (Volume 1): Under Zeppelin Skies
Gunfighter Gothic (Volume 2): Absinthe & Steam
Gunfighter Gothic (Volume 3): Black Christmas

The Haunting of Kraken Moor

Harpsichord and the Wormhole Witches (cosmic pulp)

Dreamer’s Syndrome: Into the New World (urban fantasy)
Rise of the First Woman: A Dreamer’s Syndrome Anthology (urban fantasy)

THE BIG ORANGE TOY BOX (Adventure Books for Kids)

Adventures of the Five
Adventures of the Five (Book 1): The Coming of Frost (children’s lit)
Adventures of the Five (Book 2): The Christmas Engine (children’s lit)

“Jasper the Porcupine’s First Birthday Party” at

Stuffed Animals for Hire
Stuffed Animals for Hire (Book 1): The Christmas Operation (children’s lit)

Marvel Comics on Film (book of reviews)

I also have work featured in the following anthologies and on the web:

The Disintegration of Dragons (fantasy noir)
A Pro Se Signature Series (6-part mini-series)

Part One: A Death in Vastervik

Gunfighter Gothic stories

“Train Comes A Burnin'” in How the West Was Weird, Volume 2
“Thanksgiving at the House of Absinthe & Steam” – a Kindle exclusive
“Rubber Suited Monsters (A Tribute to Doctor Who) – a Kindle exclusive

Chalifax: City of Dying Magic stories
“Lady Adelaide and the Weeping Willow” in Psychopomp’s Halloween Special 2013

Diesel Engine Deco stories
“The Pretty Girl with the Ugly Name” in Psychopump’s Psychopunk Special

Stories of the Deep
“Pilfer” in Psychopomp 6

Dreamer’s Syndrome stories
“Santa 117” in Psychopomp Christmas Special 2013

Adam & Eve stories
“Come Bite the Apple” in a Pro Se Single-Shot and in the To Love and Die anthology

Fashionable Monsters stories
“Frankenstein’s Neighbor” in Bento Box 11 (free anthology)
“Dracula’s Biggest Fan” in Bento Box 12 (free anthology)
“Sweet Home No Longer Chicago” in Bento Box 13 (free anthology)
“The Headless Horseman’s Girlfriend” at Atomic Anxiety
“The Pied Piper’s Business Manager” at Atomic Anxiety

Broken Little Girls
Red the Riding Hood: “The Better to See You With” in Psychopomp 5

Superheroes are Stupid
At Atomic Anxiety: “Why Grant Jannen Can’t Have Sex”

Blackthorn stories
“The Cradle of Atlantis” in Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars

Ulysses King
“The Nesting Dolls of Nova 6” in The Many Worlds of Ulysses King

Magpie Dark
“The World of Magpie Dark” in Rat-A-Tat: Short Burts of Pulp

Unconnected stories
“Thunk” in Bento Box 14

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