About Mark Bousquet

Darwin and Mark Selfie

Hello World,

Welcome to my personal website, where you’ll find travel essays, personal thoughts, updates on my writing projects, my quest for the world’s best Old Fashioned, and whatever else seems like a good idea. I have a separate blog for movie reviews called Atomic Anxiety, which you can visit and tell me why I’m wrong to love Ice Pirates.

Currently, I live in Reno, Nevada with my coonhound/harrier mix, Darwin. He’s much more adorable than me, but much less awesome at making Old Fashioneds.

Thanks for dropping by.

Contact me at:
Email: bousquet.mark@gmail.com
Twitter: @mark_bousquet
Tumblr: Elephants That Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch
Facebook: What’s Facebook?
Phone: We’re not that close

Mark Bousquet

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