The 2014 World Cup of Hypothetical Travel

World Cup 2014

Welcome to the World Cup of Hypothetical Travel! With the FIFA 2014 World Cup now just a few days away down in Brazil, I know most of the next month will be spent watching lots and lots of non-American football. The World Cup, like all global competitions, always reminds me how little of the world I’ve seen and how, once I pay off my college student loans, I’d much rather spend my disposable income on visiting new places rather than paying for a fancy house.

I thought it might be fun to combine these two interests this year and write about three places I’d like to visit from every country competing in the World Cup, and create a hypothetic travel itinerary. Well, a very brief travel itinerary. If you’ve been to these countries and think I’ve made good choices, go ahead and let me know. Have I made stupid choices? I’m all for hearing that, too. I’ve still got a few years before I’ll ever get to these places (well, except for the United States and Mexico), and so my choices are likely to be heavy on tourist traps instead of the local, off the beaten travel guide.

The plan is to arrange these hypothetical itineraries around the playing schedule, mixed in with some brief thoughts on the tournament. This will be easy during the opening stage when there are multiple games every day, but trickier as we go, and I might end up talking about some countries more than once and other countries not at all. There should be a post every game day (though I do have a wedding to attend on the other side of the country next weekend which may throw a wrench into the plans), so please feel free to stop by and share your own travel experiences.

Here’s the schedule for the First Stage:

Thursday, June 12: Croatia
Friday, June 13: Australia
Saturday, June 14: Costa Rica
Sunday, June 15: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Monday, June 16: Ghana
Tuesday, June 17: Algeria
Wednesday, June 18: Cameroon
Thursday, June 19: Ivory Coast
Friday, June 27: Switzerland
Saturday, June 28: Uruguay
Sunday, June 29: Mexico
Monday, June 30: Nigeria
Tuesday, July 1: Belgium
Wednesday, July 2: Chile
Thursday, July 3: Greece
Friday, July 4: United States

I might change these latter matches up, if it looks like a certain team is definitely not going to advance, but there are days with no games the later we advance in the tournament, and I can make up missed teams there.

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