I Wrote That and Free for Kindle: Dreamer’s Syndrome: Into the New World

Dreamer's Syndrome

Dreamer’s Syndrome: Into the New World – Written by Mark Bousquet – Free for the Kindle through May 2, 2014.

The special edition of my first novel, DREAMER’S SYNDROME: INTO THE NEW WORLD, is now available for free download on the Kindle.

I wrote Dreamer’s Syndrome over a decade ago for the now deceased Frontier Publishing website. The site shut down when I was only a few chapters short of finishing, but without any other options, it just sat there, doing nothing. A while later, Van Allen Plexico of White Rocket Books sent me an email with an offer to publish the book if I finished it, so I did. A few years back, I reworked the book a bit and put out a special edition, and that’s what’s now available for free download.

Here’s the book’s description:

What did you want to be when you grew up?

For Austin McNamara and Kelly Reed, childhood dreams of piracy and royalty had been left behind with action figures and coloring books. They were adults now, young professionals growing comfortable together.

And then one day they wake up and the entire world has changed. Austin is a pirate. Kelly is a princess. Angels are managing the world. And God … God is lost and his children are left to fend for themselves.

What happens to a world when everyone has suddenly become their childhood dream? What does it mean for a contemporary man to suddenly be given the freedom to act like a pirate? Austin’s morals are put to the test as he seeks first to live his new existence as a pirate to the fullest and then will stop at nothing to be reunited with Kelly.

Even if that means fighting Satan himself.

Journey with Austin and Kelly into the New World. Explore an America where childhood fantasies have been given form, and discover why dreams are far more dangerous when they happen in the light of day.

INTO THE NEW WORLD tells the story of our world reorganized based on your childhood dreams. God has gone missing, but sent word back to the angels to transform every person on the planet into whatever it is they wanted to be when they were ten years old. If you wanted to be an astronaut, you wake up in an orange space suit. If you wanted to be a fireman, you wake up as a fireman. If you wanted to be Scooby-Doo, you wake up as … a talking dog.

God respects trademark and copyright laws.

The world has been reorganized, too. In the United States, Hollywood has returned to the way it was in the Golden Age. New York City has given way to the Superhero Corridor. The southwest has become the Wild West, the Pacific the Great Forest, and in New England, a hybrid Kingdom has been created, merging medieval England and the modern world, creating a realm where pirates steal cars and Lucifer hangs out in an Aquarium.

The novel focuses on the adventures of Austin McNamara, Kelly Reed, and Frederic Kornell as they try to find their way in the New World as the angels try desperately to find a God that does not want to be found.

By the end of the year, a new collection of Dreamer’s Syndrome stories written by other authors called NEW WORLD NAVIGATION will be out, as well as possibly two additional books. A sequel of short stories called RISE OF THE FIRST WOMAN is available now, though you should probably wait until I make it available for free in another month or two.

DREAMER’S SYNDROME: INTO THE NEW WORLD is free through May 2, 2014. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the story!

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