Gunfighter Gothic: Black Christmas now available. Written by Mark Bousquet

My latest collection of Gunfighter Gothic stories is now out and available in paperback and for the Kindle, just in time for you to purchase for that special someone on your list who wants to read about two American women fighting European demons in 1866 France. For those who don’t know, Gunfighter Gothic (visit the […]

Darwin and the Hardy Boys: The House on the Cliff by Franklin W. Dixon (Leslie McFarlane), originally published in 1927. Photo copyright Mark Bousquet, 2014.

Most of our lives fade away. If you have hyperthymesia, of course, you are among the very few who stand at the extreme end of memory recall, but for us “ordinary” folks, much of the day is lost quickly to time. I’m not talking about the big moments or even doubting your ability to remember […]

Gunfighter Gothic Volume 3: Black Christmas. Written by Mark Bousquet. Published by Atomic Anxiety Press.

Coming December 1, 2014, the latest book in my Gunfighter Gothic series, BLACK CHRISTMAS will arrive just in time for *gasp* Christmas! In BLACK CHRISTMAS, Hanna and Jill are spending the 1866 holiday season in France, where they face off against the horrors of the Krampus, Sinterklaas, Mother Christmas, the Progenitors of Steam, a giant […]

Pro Se Banner

Pro Se Press is one of the publishers who release my books and stories, and they are the fine folks releasing my DISINTEGRATION OF DRAGONS series. For Immediate Release INNOVATIVE GENRE FICTION AND NEW PULP PUBLISHER ESTABLISHES AGGRESSIVE MISSION AND SCHEDULE FOR 2015 FORWARD Pro Se Productions, a publishing house based in Batesville, Arkansas, announced […]

Backyard Mushrooms. Photo Copyright, 2014, Mark Bousquet

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve seen a spate of mushroom photos over the past few weeks. After moving back to Massachusetts, I’m living in an area with a large backyard and a decent patch of woods. We’ve had plenty of rain here in Winchendon over the past month, and a decent number of […]

The Deep Banner Coming Soon

Buying information for all my work can be found right here. At work, I am very good at making lists of what needs to get done and then working through that list to get those things done. At writing … not so much. Currently, there are ten to twelve open projects sitting on my MacBook. […]

This Academic Life

Being unemployed sucks (click here for what got me to this point) but I am dutifully hitting the virtual pavement each day looking for work. I am willing to work outside of academia, and on some days I welcome that change, but that is because of my disdain for parts of the profession beyond the actual job […]

Darwin Last Day in Reno

There are twists in the road that you see coming and those that you don’t. I saw this one coming. This is my last full day in Reno as I’ll be heading back to Massachusetts for new but unknown adventures come morning. About a decade ago I decided to go back to college. I started […]


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