Backyard Mushrooms. Photo Copyright, 2014, Mark Bousquet

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve seen a spate of mushroom photos over the past few weeks. After moving back to Massachusetts, I’m living in an area with a large backyard and a decent patch of woods. We’ve had plenty of rain here in Winchendon over the past month, and a decent number of […]

The Deep Banner Coming Soon

Buying information for all my work can be found right here. At work, I am very good at making lists of what needs to get done and then working through that list to get those things done. At writing … not so much. Currently, there are ten to twelve open projects sitting on my MacBook. […]

This Academic Life

Being unemployed sucks (click here for what got me to this point) but I am dutifully hitting the virtual pavement each day looking for work. I am willing to work outside of academia, and on some days I welcome that change, but that is because of my disdain for parts of the profession beyond the actual job […]

Darwin Last Day in Reno

There are twists in the road that you see coming and those that you don’t. I saw this one coming. This is my last full day in Reno as I’ll be heading back to Massachusetts for new but unknown adventures come morning. About a decade ago I decided to go back to college. I started […]

Disintegration of Dragons copy

The Disintegration of Dragons, Part One: A Death in Vastervik (2014) – Written by Mark Bousquet – Cover by Rick Johnson – A Pro Se Press Release. Purchase: Kindle and Smashwords (Available formats: epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt). I’m thrilled to announce that the first release in my new Pro Se Signature Series, […]

The Deep Banner Coming Soon

Fuck you, or screw you? In my first published novel, DREAMER’S SYNDROME, I used a copious amount of swear words, and then when I put out a Special Edition, I removed almost all of them. Why did I do this? It is not because I had suddenly become a prude in the intervening years. In […]

1930 Ford Model A Sedan / Image Copyright Mark Bousquet, 2014.

Hot August Nights at the Grand Sierra Resort (Reno, NV) – August 2, 2014 Here’s a couple of gorgeous classic Fords from this year’s Hot August Nights celebration. I think the 1930 Model A was my favorite car of the entire show.

1962 Chevy Corvette

I’ve been lax about getting my pictures from the Hot August Nights care show at the Grand Sierra Resort here in Reno back at the start of July. I took just two pictures of Corvettes. The gorgeous 1962 Vette up above and the very cool ’72 Vette below. Green is an unusual color for a […]


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