Lake Sign: Marchmont Consevation / Image copyright 2015, Mark Bousquet

Darwin and I have been doing quite a bit of hiking near my parents’ house, concentrating on both the White’s Mill Pond are behind the old mills/Ray Plastic factory and the Marchmont Conservation area that dominates the woods between Elmwood Road and Glenallen Street/ Rt 202. We went looking for the old foundation to the […]

Egg and cheese bagel

January 19, 2015 Peterborough, New Hampshire I’m not eating meat this month. Other than the grammar nazis that populate social media, is there anything that people love to offer opinions on than what your eating? (See what I did there?) People love love LOVE to tell you what to eat almost as much as they […]

The Hobbit Smaug

January 5, 2015 Blackstone Valley 14 Multiplex Millbury, MA I finally went to the theater and saw the sixth and definitely/presumably/maybe final film in the Peter Jackson Tolkien Hexalogy on Monday afternoon. I drove down to take in a late afternoon showing with my sister at Blackstone Valley, a theater I had never previously visited. […]

A rented bowling shoe. Image copyright 2014, Mark Bousquet

Gardner Ten Pins Bowling Alley Gardner, MA December 29, 2014 Bowling resists my desire to wax poetic. For the experienced bowler, I am certain there is an intricate beauty to the weight of a perfect ball, the shine of a perfectly waxed floor, the spin of the properly released ball from the perfectly rotated wrist, […]

Foyles War

I love me some British TV. Doctor Who, Monty Python, The IT Crowd, Black Adder, Luther, Broadchurch, Poirot, Coupling, Miss Marple, Sir David Attenborough, The Office, Match of the Day, Red Dwarf, Are You Being Served?, the BBC’s Olympics coverage, Transfer Day on Sky Sports … and on and on. I was prepped for an […]

Gunfighter Gothic: Black Christmas now available. Written by Mark Bousquet

My latest collection of Gunfighter Gothic stories is now out and available in paperback and for the Kindle, just in time for you to purchase for that special someone on your list who wants to read about two American women fighting European demons in 1866 France. For those who don’t know, Gunfighter Gothic (visit the […]

Darwin and the Hardy Boys: The House on the Cliff by Franklin W. Dixon (Leslie McFarlane), originally published in 1927. Photo copyright Mark Bousquet, 2014.

Most of our lives fade away. If you have hyperthymesia, of course, you are among the very few who stand at the extreme end of memory recall, but for us “ordinary” folks, much of the day is lost quickly to time. I’m not talking about the big moments or even doubting your ability to remember […]

Gunfighter Gothic Volume 3: Black Christmas. Written by Mark Bousquet. Published by Atomic Anxiety Press.

Coming December 1, 2014, the latest book in my Gunfighter Gothic series, BLACK CHRISTMAS will arrive just in time for *gasp* Christmas! In BLACK CHRISTMAS, Hanna and Jill are spending the 1866 holiday season in France, where they face off against the horrors of the Krampus, Sinterklaas, Mother Christmas, the Progenitors of Steam, a giant […]


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